Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Everyday is an opportunity to change the things in our life that aren’t right!

 Everyday is an opportunity to change the things in our life that aren’t right.

       My motto is as follows:
  1. Never going to bed without solving a problem I have with my husband or my family.
  2. Never going out without saying “I love you” to my children.
  3. Never beginning a day without a prayer.
  4. Seeing at least one miracle every day.
  5. To LIVE!  Instead of just existing.  Enjoying my life to the full.
            These are a result of the motivation I have for my life. Everybody should be aware of the giant that is within them.
            From the moment I wake up and until I go to bed, I try to see the miracles around me. If you live on autopilot you won’t be able to see them.
            My miracle is to contribute positively to somebody else’s life. If I succeed, I become very happy. If I cannot apply what I am saying to my life, what I have written here is useless. Talking is cheap, doing is hard. In order to understand the others, I need to understand what they are going through. This is prevalent in every area of life.
            I learned this a while ago   and it is what makes me happy everyday.
            If we wait for things to be perfect, we will have to wait for a long time to be happy, to do our job righteously, to be a good wife/husband and mother/father.
            We have three options every day.
            1. Giving up (because it is so hard).
            2. Surrendering to the pressure around you.
            3. Or fighting with all your being and winning (of course this is the hardest.)
            In fact our days go by deciding on these three options. My clients come and tell me “I had to drink” which is option 2. Or they come and say “I could not wake up and exercise today” and this is option 1. It is saddening to see you give up this easily. The case for marriages is the same as well, the same emotion dominates our lives; work or health. We never make an effort, we want the easy option but there is no easy option!
            I refer to the one above for all the things I cannot accomplish. I try to help people with all the things I have learnt through life.  When you feel fragile, take refuge in God.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


“Detox” is a popular word. I’m sure you got excited. It’s a commonly used method but it is used for very wrong reasons and in very wrong ways.
            “Next week I’m joining a detox program.”
“Yesterday, I went off my diet, and ate a lot. Today, I better go on a detox.”
“I lost 6 pounds by detox.”
“I go detoxing 2-3 times a year.”
There is this detox word going around. The first reason for doing detox is to give our organs a break. Another reason is to clean our organs and body. Detox means getting rid of the toxic materials that have entered our body and are waiting to be excreted. When you do detox the right way, it can create miracles for the body but doing it the wrong way could be a disaster.
The concept underlying this cleansing is to prevent our body from being exposed to toxic substances and increase our body’s ability to purify itself from these toxic substances. In reality, our body is
a remarkable detox machine. But unfortunately, our nervous system is weakened by unhealthy personal habits, extreme fatigue and hyperactive modern lifestyles, causing our body to lose its functions.
First of all, before detoxing, there is a period of preparation for at least 1 week. You should not enter a detox immediately after a unhealthy and dirty lifestyle. You should be careful the first 2 weeks after detox as well. For example if you have detoxed with only liquids, you slowly add fruits and vegetables; then you can gradually include legumes, and after that you can start eating eggs and fish. You should wait for at least 2 weeks before consuming chicken or red meat. Alcohol should not be added for a long time.

If detox is not done in the right way for the right reasons, it is better to avoid it altogether.

These decisions are formed through the love and respect you have for your body. With us you will aim to lose fat, look fit, be energetic and healthy.
Losing weight is easy but losing fat is really hard.
1 pound of fat (450 gr) = 3500 calories
On the other hand, 1 pound of muscle (450 gr) = 600 calories
If the right program to lose weight is not followed and not supported with the right exercises, the body will easily lose “muscle weight,” and I assure you that this would be the worst thing you can do to your body.

I suggest you go steady, so that the weight loss will be from the right place and be permanent.
This requires patience and discipline.


Everything begins with food
The primary reason for eating is to feed your metabolism. Every individual needs a certain amount of food to fulfill his metabolic needs. The amount of calories depends on the changes you want to see in your body composition.

To lose fat, and to achieve weight-loss, there should be a negative energy balance. However, the negative energy balance should not fall under the resting metabolism needs. Resting metabolism can work efficiently to burn off the unwanted fat reserves, when it is provided with sufficient fuel.

When the calories are eliminated or fall under the required level as determined by the resting metabolism, the diet will have unfavorable effects on the body composition as well as the body health.

All the conventional diets are bound to fail!
The initial fuel that the body will use is glucose. If the body is undernourished it will resort to the protein, which is the lean muscle mass, in order to obtain fuel the resting metabolism requires. Most people who diet believe that the body will use fat as an alternative energy source. This is wrong. At this point, the fat reserves are of no use to the nervous system.

This is because the nervous system and the brain are the central monitors of the body. They can only use glucose (blood sugar) as fuel and they must find fuel for the body to function.

Muscles and organs can burn fat as fuel but the nervous system can’t do this. Also the body does not have an enzyme that turns fat into glucose. However, there are enzymes that transform protein into glucose in our bodies. Thus, if there is no fuel, then the body will have to turn its muscle mass into glucose in order to feed the nervous system and the metabolism. In reality, if the body continues to consume its own lean mass uncontrollably without other fuel sources, death will be inevitable. In this case, not only skeletal muscles but also tissues with vital importance such as liver, heart muscles, lung tissue and blood cells will be used a source of energy.